A disconnected environmentalist?

In some ways I feel like a disconnected environmentalist. I really like walking in the woods, I enjoy a beach especially on a stormy day and I believe we are doing a great job at destroying the natural environment Read More

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Give us this day our daily bread……

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Give us this day our daily bread…..

In deepening my work around sustainability, I find that I need a daily practice routine that is a ‘time out’ to help ground myself in a busy schedule. I have never found meditation engaging enough to become a steady habit. I do like food though Read More

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Interview with Bernie Connolly

Bernie Connolly; Development Co-ordinator, Cork Environmental Forum 

Getting Started. Bernie traces her interest in environmental matters to her upbringing in Glengariff. Her family didn’t have a car and so walking and being in nature were an integral part of growing up Read More

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Interview with Shirley Gallagher

Interview with Shirley Gallagher


Shirley was born inLondonto parents who were fromArranmoreIslandin Donegal. The family moved back to the island when she was a child.  She has one daughter. She believes island living has infused and informed her sense of sustainability. Read More

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Interview with Pat Fleming

Pat has been a mentor and advisor to business for about 40 years. He started as an accountant in the corporate world and by 30 years of age was doing really well but decided that the personal cost was too great Read More

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Karlskrona Waters, I Remember

   Karlskrona Waters, I Remember.

Arriving North, from South, East and West;

Remembering past times, sharing a quest.

On trains, on planes, from near and far

Across the seas, over oceans, connecting

I remember, we remember; September.

Read More

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Sustainability Coaching

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Strategic Sustainability

We offer consultancy on strategic sustainability for organisations.

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The Mountains

An artist’s palette of colours; changing through the day, through the seasons; a slide show moving silently to its own rhythm. Purple, orange, pink, cerise, grey, black. Drawing me in, holding me still. Read More

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The Hedge Chair

Bent wood chair with tree.

This chair is made in the style of ‘rustic furniture’ where un-sawn branches from trees or hedgerows are used to fashion simple furniture. Making this type of furniture is really enjoyable Read More

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