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Training and education for sustainability can take many forms, each business needs to adopt a bespoke approach as sustainability is more a habit, a practice or a way of doing things than anything learnt in an off-the-shelf training day. SustainEd are educational designers and are happy to work with clients to develop unique training programmes. For a business to learn the practice of sustainability it is about adopting a culture change and so one is reminded of the old adage that it ‘takes a day to learn but a life-time to master’.


Training Topics: 


Life Cycle Assessment – this is the most widely used product design tool in the world today and we can offer detailed professional courses in conjunction with our Swedish partners which they accredit under the European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System* at degree and postgraduate levels. The need for manufacturers to design for sustainability is now a given in many industry sectors. This course trains participants in the concepts, methodologies and practices of Life Cycle Assessment. SustainEd can adopt this course in liaison with our Swedish partners to ensure the courses meet the participant needs.


Sustainability for business –For a business to implement change across the organisation requires that the policy makers have a strong grounding in the ‘why’ as well as the ‘how’ of the change programme to be pursued.  SustainEd can present an overview of how we have come to the current situation where the very nature of how we do business is different to traditional models. This course is developed in conjunction with Blekinge Tekniska Högskola and is accredited under the European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System*. This course includes an Introduction to Systems Thinking which is a vital ‘sense-making’ for clearly engaging with sustainability. Participants gain a deep understanding of the various forces at work that affect a business’  ‘licence to operate’ and the relationship between society and business today.


Corporate Social Responsibility – This is the most talked about issue in sustainability for businesses. This course outlines the issues involved in CSR; the arguments for and against CSR;  the global and Irish perspectives; the measurement tools, guidelines and standards available; how to link CSR to overall company strategy to gain market advantage. An effective CSR programme that meets the business’ needs can really help staff motivation and stakeholder engagement and also ensure that positive corporate image is achieved.


Principles of Sustainability – many people rush into doing sustainability only to find they are soon out of their depth in the understanding needed to make real change happen. This course provides a common language and scientific understanding to how and why sustainability changes the rules and offers real opportunities to the innovators. True gains cannot be achieved without the proper understanding of the principles involved. This course is developed in conjunction with Blekinge Tekniska Högskola and is accredited under the European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System*.


Tools for Sustainability – today there are many approaches to sustainability and the number of tools and supports available is staggering. There are product standards, reporting frameworks, design criteria and marketing guidelines that exist to assist businesses engage with sustainability. We introduce participants to the main tools available and the pros and cons of each and how they may be best used to the organisation’s advantage.


Collaboration as a skill – In a sustainable society, how we work will change and this is already underway. A fundamental skill for the new working is the ability to collaborate deeply and with intent with other stakeholders. Many social enterprises are doing this now and the individuals working in businesses and enterprises need to personally upskill to meet this challenge. This course focuses on the personal isses invovled and the challenges we all face in developing a more sustainable future.


Eco Entrepreneurship and Intra-preneurship For many people in business, the move towards sustainability is seen as a threat and an economic cost to business. We show how many businesses are turning this around and making it a real business benefit and market opportunity. Participants will learn through focusing on examples of what other similar businesses are doing to work in the emerging markets of the sustainable and green economy.



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