Interview with Bernie Connolly

Bernie Connolly; Development Co-ordinator, Cork Environmental Forum  Getting Started. Bernie traces her interest in environmental matters to her upbringing in Glengariff. Her family didn’t have a car and so walking and being in nature were an integral part of growing up

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Interview with Shirley Gallagher

Interview with Shirley Gallagher   Shirley was born inLondonto parents who were fromArranmoreIslandin Donegal. The family moved back to the island when she was a child.  She has one daughter. She believes island living has infused and informed her sense of sustainability.

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Interview with Pat Fleming

Pat has been a mentor and advisor to business for about 40 years. He started as an accountant in the corporate world and by 30 years of age was doing really well but decided that the personal cost was too great

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Karlskrona Waters, I Remember

   Karlskrona Waters, I Remember. Arriving North, from South, East and West; Remembering past times, sharing a quest. On trains, on planes, from near and far Across the seas, over oceans, connecting I remember, we remember; September.

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Surfing and sustainability

              Wow, I was looking at pictures of the big wave surfer Garrett McNamara setting a new record of riding a 100 foot wave. It got me thinking about how engaging the image of the surfer has become. Since Isaac Newton, our traditional view of how the world works

Private ethics and public conflicts

Recently a senior civil servant who was chief of shareholder investment section in the Department of Finance left his position to take up a new job. He was in charge of the Department’s (the public’s) policy and enforcement of the banking regulations and agreements. His new job however, is with the Bank of Ireland,

European Food Supply Chain

For Ireland’s food and drink businesses, the market of nearly 500 million consumers in Europe represents a huge opportunity over the coming years. The drive towards sustainability with its concerns about ‘food miles’

Shared value – Sharing Values – a must for sustainable business

A more sustainable future will require that we devise ways of developing and sharing value. Many of the problems we face are not ones that can be addressed by an organisation on its own. We hear a lot of talk now about stakeholders

A recession or a crisis?

There is a real difficulty in starting a business in Ireland right now. The almost complete sense of hopelessness that persists across all sectors of society. There is a sense that the answer is no! No matter what the question is. This comes from the top, the lack of leadership,

Quality and Sustainability

There are some similarities between the introduction of Quality Systems into the workplace and the development of Sustainability. When the idea of quality was first introduced it was the remit of the production department and only later did it spread across all departments and become part of the way that business is done. Currently, sustainability is […]

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