Karlskrona Waters, I Remember

   Karlskrona Waters, I Remember.

Arriving North, from South, East and West;

Remembering past times, sharing a quest.

On trains, on planes, from near and far

Across the seas, over oceans, connecting

I remember, we remember; September.

Landing, living, loving, learning.

Karlskrona. The waters, everywhere.

Sea, bay, shore, marsh, inlet, island,

Silver mirrors of strong sunlight, dancing diamond night light,

Chameleon waters under changing light.

I remember

From afar, shimmering waters, by times

Sun splashed, ice cold, becalmed, storm tossed,

Cold bleached colours, frozen harbour waters,

The waters,

Holding, hiding, healing, hinting,

Mysterious mists, magical myths,

Memories held, deep and safe in quiet waters.

My memories, our memories,

Shared  memories connecting and connected

Waters connecting and connected

I remember

From Ireland’s wide Atlantic shore,

Remembering now, Connecting now,

Reaching in, reaching out, from my blood stream across oceans waves,

Gossamer threads of living connections,

Pulsing through rivers, streams, falling as raindrops,

Water’s world wide web carries my memories

Arms out-stretched, eyes closed, senses open,

Along water’s secret pathways,

I reach

To homes, to hearts, to you

Living, loving,

Softly now, breathe,  feel, connect, remember

I remember

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