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Sustainability is about building a better future for the whole society. It is not the preserve of just the environmental organisations. SustainEd believes that many of our existing community organisations can bring sustainability understanding to their members through the benefits gained from our education and training programmes. SustainEd can design, develop and deliver bespoke training to organisations, […]

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for Businesses…

Businesses across the globe have the resource capacity, the market reach and the motivational drive to affect real change towards sustainaiblity. SustainEd works with businesses on transformational change programmes that focus on the opportunities offered by sustainability. Energy use measures –  this is where most businesses first interact with the issue of sustainability. We can offer practical […]

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Executive Briefings

It is important for business owners and managers to gain customised understanding of sustainability as it relates to their own company and to clarify what decision making options are open to the individual. As this is a high level programme, the process and timelines are tailored to match your exacting requirements. read more

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Energy, Usability, and Exhaust Fans

Exhaust fans use a lot of energy. The fan motor consumes electricity and draws potentially dangerous air out of the building. It is a health and safety requirement in order to maintain a good working environment. But that dirty air that needs to be blown outside has already been heated to make the workplace comfortable, […]

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