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business change, sustainabilty, road sign, Businesses across the globe have the resource capacity, the market reach and the motivational drive to affect real change towards sustainaiblity. SustainEd works with businesses on transformational change programmes that focus on the opportunities offered by sustainability.

Energy use measures –  this is where most businesses first interact with the issue of sustainability. We can offer practical audits, personnel training, measurement tools, advice and critical support on the behavioural issues that affect the success of any new measures introduced.

Waste reduction measures –  Most enterprises have engaged in waste reduction as a cost saving measure and this is a very useful step towards sustainability. By re-thinking waste to a zero waste policy we can invert the idea of waste as a cost and turn it into a positive income stream.

Life Cycle Assessment – this is the most widely used product design tool in the world today and we can offer detailed professional courses in conjunction with our Swedish partners which they accredit under the European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System* at degree and postgraduate levels.

Sustainability for business – Participants gain a deep understanding of the various forces at work that affect a business’  ’licence to operate’ and the relationship between society and business today.

Corporate Social Responsibility –  An effective CSR programme that meets the business’ needs can really help staff motivation and stakeholder engagement and also ensure that positive corporate image is achieved.

Principles of Sustainability – This course provides a common language and scientific understanding to how and why sustainability changes the rules and offers real opportunities to the innovators.

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