Intentional Collaboration

Exploring the potential of diverse talent connecting in the process of generating new models for change, working together around shared visions blending economic viability with improved work practice. The end result which may yet need to be clarified or quantified is that of becoming smarter, more effective and achieving goals faster though value exchange. Collaboration is more about a way of working rather than a focus on ‘what we do’.

2…4…6…8…Why should we Collaborate?

It seems that everyone is talking about collaboration these days. A recent edition of the Harvard Business Review was a double issue, focussing on collaboration. What is this fuss all about? People have been collaborating for years, surely. Businesses have had close working relationships with suppliers and customers for many years. The world of business […]

What is Conscious Capitalism?

This article is reproduced from the website Definition of Conscious Capitalism derived from Conscious Capitalism, Inc. Conscious Capitalism is a registered trademark of Conscious Capitalism, Inc. Conscious Capitalism Conscious Capitalism is an emerging form of capitalism that holds the potential for enhancing business/organisational performance while simultaneously enhancing the quality of life for billions of […]

Leadership and Connections

Paying Attention to the Inside as well as the Outside Conscious leaders or conscious practitioners create an inspiring environment for others, be they employees, partners, team members. This allows people to blossom as working professionals and as human beings, enabling them to contribute their best, to build trust and elicit genuine engagement. To be able […]

Facilitating Collaboration

The objective of facilitation, and collaboration, is to establish a shared field of responsibility for success. Facilitation respects people, relationships and processes, thus leading to results aligned with the desired outcomes of the participants. It is a powerful tool for engaging the hearts and minds of all involved in order to generate unified action. Facilitation […]

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Organisational Cultures

This is the amazing thing. We all have ideas. But where to go to make them happen? For anyone working and trying to innovate and succeed they need access to all the experience, resources, connections and investment they can muster. We need to create spaces where the culture encourages access to the resources, connections, experience, […]

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Featured Event

SustainEd hosts an Innovation Dublin 2011 event – Collaboration with Intention

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