Organisational Cultures

This is the amazing thing. We all have ideas. But where to go to make them happen?

For anyone working and trying to innovate and succeed they need access to all the experience, resources, connections and investment they can muster. We need to create spaces where the culture encourages access to the resources, connections, experience, knowledge and capital to support the journey path of ideas into action.

The Power of Culture

The highest leverage point to improve business/organisational/group performance is culture. It under scores any organization, enabling the execution of its strategy, the achievement of its goals, and the fulfilment of its mission.

Culture is best described as the set of expectations people hold about “the way we do things around here”. It is the unwritten code of what it takes for “one” to become “one of us”. It develops from the verbal and non-verbal messages that members receive about what is valued and how they are expected to behave. These messages come most vividly from leadership behaviours and decisions as these exemplify what people with power—and those who aspire to have it—are supposed to do.

Leadership in the emerging new paradigm, in a connected organisational field is seen as being distributed across all of the participants or members of the organisation. In loose collaborative ‘organisations’ the leadership lies within the hearts and minds of each of those involved. If a working group is voluntary and ‘self-organising’ then the regulatory authority is vested in the shared visions and values of all, not in any external body or individual with positional authority. We need to lead ourselves.

An unconscious culture can trap people into destructive patterns of thought, feelings and behaviour. This lack of recognition or understanding prevents positive change.

A conscious culture empowers people transforming these destructive patterns into constructive attitudes and skills.


 Pat Fleming, Integral Mentor and Coach.

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