Food & Agri Businesses and Sustainability

For food and agri-businesses sustainability is looming large on the near horizon and this can represent an opportunity or a threat depending on the strategic approach the management takes.

Food Labelling in Europe

The Eco Label Index currently lists 146 food labels globally and there are plenty more besides I am sure – no Irish labels are in the index, for instance! It is a bewildering range of labels and must be confusing for the consumer. What are the differences between ‘organic’ and ‘bio’; carbon neutral and carbon […]

European Green Building Councils

SustainEd has been awarded a contract for developing training courses for the European Regional Network of Green Building Councils. The remit is to design training

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Energy Audits

Businesses regularly examine their processes in order to identify weaknesses, waste, and ways of becoming more productive and profitable. That’s exactly what a sustainability audit entails.

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