Horse meat burgers and sustainability!

The headlines today offer a clear example of the problems with our current food policies. In this story there may be no danger to human health

The wider perspective

It is sometimes a good idea to take a step back from daily business and consider the wider perspectives to ensure that whatever strategy we are pursuing is supported by the broader forces. Market trends and their demands can blind

Food exports up in 2012

News in today that Ireland’s agri-business exports for 2012 surpassed €9 billion for the first time ever according to new figures released by Bord Bia. The storngest sector was bmeat and livestock (€3 bn), drinks (€1.26 bn) and seafood was a strong €463 million. There are strong signs of confidence in the agri-business sector with 77% […]

Italy, food and sustainability

I am writing this from Italy where I have come to visit my daughter for Christmas. The Italians are a serious food nation, in ways it is difficult to understand without actually being here. Families can fall out over some food detail – she roasts the pine nuts too much, his balsamic vinegar is too sour!

Waste not, want not

At this time of over indulgence at the table, it is timely to write about the waste of food within and across the agri-business sector. Simply stated, waste is an inefficiency and many businesses are trying to reduce or eliminate waste as a cost saving measure.

Food & Agri Businesses and Sustainability

For food and agri-businesses sustainability is looming large on the near horizon and this can represent an opportunity or a threat depending on the strategic approach the management takes.

Food Labelling in Europe

The Eco Label Index currently lists 146 food labels globally and there are plenty more besides I am sure – no Irish labels are in the index, for instance! It is a bewildering range of labels and must be confusing for the consumer. What are the differences between ‘organic’ and ‘bio’; carbon neutral and carbon […]

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