Karlskrona Waters, I Remember

   Karlskrona Waters, I Remember. Arriving North, from South, East and West; Remembering past times, sharing a quest. On trains, on planes, from near and far Across the seas, over oceans, connecting I remember, we remember; September.

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Sustainability Coaching

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Strategic Sustainability

We offer consultancy on strategic sustainability for organisations.

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The Mountains

The Mountains

An artist’s palette of colours; changing through the day, through the seasons; a slide show moving silently to its own rhythm. Purple, orange, pink, cerise, grey, black. Drawing me in, holding me still.

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Bentwood chair with hazel tree.

The Hedge Chair

A chair, leaning, living,
A maker, learning, loving.
Learning about living, making a leaning chair,
Loving the learning, learning that leans and lives,


Woodland Pathway

Laneway, pathway, old way, new way.
Pathway leading, weaving, wending, winding
Ancient access to sacred hillside waters
The stone, once firmly placed, now tumbles […]
Nature re-asserting itself, entropy at work
Past lives, strong hands, hard work
Stone craft, hand craft, craft work
New needs, new deeds, a new age, new ways
Pause, regard, reflect, respect
Careful now, listen, the past is telling us quietly

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