Facilitating Collaboration

The objective of facilitation, and collaboration, is to establish a shared field of responsibility for success. Facilitation respects people, relationships and processes, thus leading to results aligned with the desired outcomes of the participants. It is a powerful tool for engaging the hearts and minds of all involved in order to generate unified action. Facilitation is a high leverage skill as it produces better results with less energy.

  • Facilitation is the art and practice of making things easy or easier. By choosing to work with what is given, we can respond in the moment to what arises, inquire into and sense the possibilities, and tease out where the process can flow.
  • To be conscious is to be aware, awake, fully attentive, present, mindful, recognising what we do, how we do it and the effects of our actions on others and the greater whole.
  • Collaboration is about exploring the potential of diverse talent connecting in an exercise of generating new models for change. It is about working together around shared visions and in the process becoming smarter, more effective and achieving goals faster through deep value exchange.

The behaviours and the practices of Conscious Collaboration

  • Commitment to the greater good and trust is key
  • full attention to the matter on hand
  • personal responsibility for the success of the process.
  • Suspension of assumptions
  • A culture of deep listening
  • A commitment to authenticity
  • speak on an intuition
  • its okay to be vulnerable
  • maintain a clear harmonious connection
  • open to challenges outside our comfort zone.


We can embody facilitative behaviours whether we are serving as a facilitator or participant. The possibilities inherent in any situation and the paths to realizing possibilities are beyond what we might imagine. This is especially true in the context of collaboration where collective intelligence and synergies can ignite infinite possibilities.

Pat Fleming, Integral Mentor and Coach

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