What is Conscious Capitalism?

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Conscious Capitalism
Conscious Capitalism is an emerging form of capitalism that holds the potential for enhancing business/organisational performance while simultaneously enhancing the quality of life for billions of human beings. Conscious Capitalism challenges business leaders to rethink why their companies exist and to recognize their companies’ role in the global marketplace.

Conscious Capitalists are unapologetic advocates for free markets, entrepreneurship, and the rule of law. They recognize that these are essential elements of a healthy, functioning economy, as are trust, compassion, collaboration, and value-creation.

Conscious Leaders
At the core of the Conscious Capitalism movement are Conscious Leaders who are authentic and aware of the implications of their decisions, and who maintain an ongoing commitment to learning and personal growth. They view their enterprises as part of a complex, interdependent and evolving system with multiple constituencies. Conscious Leaders reject the traditional zero-sum trade-off oriented view of business and look for creative synergistic win-win approaches that offer multiple kinds of value simultaneously to all stakeholders.

Conscious Businesses
Conscious Businesses have a higher purpose that includes and transcends profit maximization. They deliver value to all stakeholders by aligning and harmonizing the interests of employees, customers, suppliers, communities and shareholders. They also distinguish themselves from traditional business through their culture, which is based on authenticity, transparency, caring, trust and empowerment.

Today’s best companies get it.
From Zappos to Whole Foods, from the Container Store to Google, these companies are generating every form of value that matters–emotional, social and financial. And they’re doing it for all stakeholders. Not because it’s “politically correct,” but because it’s the ultimate path to long-term competitive advantage.

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