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Learning from the past and learning for the future. Read More

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Eco Worriers

The opportunities that sustainability offers are too often drowned out by the negative projections of the eco-worriers. There is no doubt about the alarming predictions on climate change and it is scary to say the least. Read More

Surfing and sustainability








Wow, I was looking at pictures of the big wave surfer Garrett McNamara setting a new record of riding a 100 foot wave. It got me thinking about how engaging the image of the surfer has become. Since Isaac Newton, our traditional view of how the world works Read More

Private ethics and public conflicts

Recently a senior civil servant who was chief of shareholder investment section in the Department of Finance left his position to take up a new job. He was in charge of the Department’s (the public’s) policy and enforcement of the banking regulations and agreements. His new job however, is with the Bank of Ireland, Read More

Horse meat burgers and sustainability!

The headlines today offer a clear example of the problems with our current food policies. In this story there may be no danger to human health Read More

Business Ethics

SustainEd duo Victor and Tim have been asked to deliver a module on Business Ethics within the American College’s International Business degree programme. The course will be held over this coming semester and is allied to their existing module on Sustainable Business which they have been running for the past six years. The role of business ethics has been re-introduced into many business courses globally following the role of the lack of ethics in the financial collapse of 2008. We are excited to contribute to this important global discussion and look forward to working with the international students over the next few months.

The wider perspective

It is sometimes a good idea to take a step back from daily business and consider the wider perspectives to ensure that whatever strategy we are pursuing is supported by the broader forces. Market trends and their demands can blind Read More

Food exports up in 2012

News in today that Ireland’s agri-business exports for 2012 surpassed €9 billion for the first time ever according to new figures released by Bord Bia. The storngest sector was bmeat and livestock (€3 bn), drinks (€1.26 bn) and seafood was a strong €463 million. There are strong signs of confidence in the agri-business sector with 77% of exporters experiencing growth last year and 75% expecting this to continue across 2013. In respect of Origin Green the Bord announced that a total of 164 companies have registered for the mark, representing 60% of exports from the industry. Amongst these firms there are committments to targets such as reducing energy use by 20% by 2015 and emissions by 30% by the end of 2020. As someone once famously said, ‘a lot done, more to do!

Italy, food and sustainability

I am writing this from Italy where I have come to visit my daughter for Christmas. The Italians are a serious food nation, in ways it is difficult to understand without actually being here. Families can fall out over some food detail – she roasts the pine nuts too much, his balsamic vinegar is too sour! Read More

European Food Supply Chain

For Ireland’s food and drink businesses, the market of nearly 500 million consumers in Europe represents a huge opportunity over the coming years. The drive towards sustainability with its concerns about ‘food miles’ Read More

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